Arc Fault Detection Devices
Our AFDDs combine the function of arc fault detection,
residual and over current protection (AFD+RCBO)
in one compact 3 module wide unit. 

AFDDs are suitable for the detection of series and parallel arc faults in single phase 230V 50Hz circuits as per EN62606 & BS7671 18th Edition Clause 532.6
AFDDs are specified for use in locations where there is a high risk to life and or property in the event of a fire e.g. residential care homes, schools, public buildings, museums, art galleries, hotel bedrooms, Airports..

Parallel arc faults may be detected by an
RCBO providing the fault current is above the
device tripping threshold for overcurrent or
residual current protection 

Series arc faults cannot be detected by an
RCBO, and if allowed to continue may lead to
a fire. 

The  LED display colour
and flashing sequence
indicates the nature of
the fault: 
   - Circuit OK
   - Series arc fault
   - Dimmer fault
   - Parallel arc fault
   - Overvoltage
   - Over temperature
   - Internal fault 
View Technical Data or download the AFDD brochure.
Type A KV transient resistant < 3kA, to reduce
nuisance tripping associated with certain load characteristics
 AFDDs Two Pole 30mA     Type 'A'                  3 Modules Wide
	                                           Reference                                    Reference
   Amps       kA Rating                 'B' curve                                       'C' curve
   10A       10kA       DAFDD 1 B10/0.03/2-A     DAFDD 1 C10/0.03/2-A
   16A       10kA       DAFDD 1 B16/0.03/2-A     DAFDD 1 C16/0.03/2-A
   20A       10kA       DAFDD 1 B20/0.03/2-A     DAFDD 1 C20/0.03/2-A
   25A       10kA       DAFDD 1 B25/0.03/2-A     DAFDD 1 C25/0.03/2-A
   32A         6kA       DAFDD 1 B32/0.03/2-A     DAFDD 1 C32/0.03/2-A 
   40A         6kA       DAFDD 1 B40/0.03/2-A     DAFDD 1 C40/0.03/2-A
 AFDDs Two Pole 30mA     Type 'A KV'                  3 Modules Wide
	                                           Reference                                    Reference
   Amps       kA Rating                 'B' curve                                       'C' curve
   10A       10kA      DAFDD 1 B10/0.03/2-AKV     DAFDD 1 C10/0.03/2-AKV
   16A       10kA      DAFDD 1 B16/0.03/2-AKV     DAFDD 1 C16/0.03/2-AKV
   20A       10kA      DAFDD 1 B20/0.03/2-AKV     DAFDD 1 C20/0.03/2-AKV
   25A       10kA      DAFDD 1 B25/0.03/2-AKV     DAFDD 1 C25/0.03/2-AKV
   32A         6kA      DAFDD 1 B32/0.03/2-AKV     DAFDD 1 C32/0.03/2-AKV 
   40A         6kA      DAFDD 1 B40/0.03/2-AKV     DAFDD 1 C40/0.03/2-AKV
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