Consumer Unit - Alternatives

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Designed and tested to meet BSEN61439-3
for the revised requirements in BS7671 2018
see Reg. 531.3.3 Types of RCD

Independent short circuit tests to BSEN 61439-3 2012 Annex ZB
These easy to install consumer units are designed for use
with Doepke RCCBs (BSEN61008), RCBOs (BSEN61009)
and Doepke 6KA and 10KA MCBs (BSEN60898).

Supplied as standard with Type 'A & F' or Type 'A' RCCBs
Refer to variants below.

    Split Load - Dual RCCB       (Type A/F)
   Isolator             RCCB 1    RCCB 2       Usable
    Rating              Type F       Type A        Ways             Reference    
   100A              63A       63A          8       DCM 08SL/063/063-A/F
   100A              63A       63A         12      DCM 12SL/063/063-A/F
    Split Load - Dual RCCB       (Type A)
   Isolator         RCCB 1    RCCB 2     Usable
    Rating          Rating       Rating        Ways         Reference    
   100A          63A       63A         8        DCM 08SL/063/063
   100A          63A       63A        12       DCM 12SL/063/063
   100A          63A       63A        18       DCM 18SL/063/063
   100A          63A       63A        22       DCM 22SL/063/063
    RCCB (Type A)     as main switch
   RCCB                       Usable  
   Rating                       Ways                 Reference    
    63A 30mA           4            DCMR  04/063
    63A 30mA           8            DCMR  08/063  
  100A 30mA           4            DCMR  04/100
  100A 30mA           8            DCMR  08/100
  100A 30mA          12           DCMR  12/100
  100A 30mA          16           DCMR  16/100
  100A 30mA          22           DCMR  22/100
  100A 30mA          26           DCMR  26/100
    Split Load - Single RCCB    (Type A)
   Isolator            RCCB                  Usable
   Rating             Rating                   Ways         Reference    
  100A          63A 30mA          6         DCM 06SL/063
  100A          63A 30mA         10        DCM 10SL/063
  100A          63A 30mA         14        DCM 14SL/063 
For other combinations and/or variations please email
your requirements to
or ring 01628 829 133

    Isolator as main switch
   Isolator                       Usable   
   Rating                          Ways              Reference    
  100A                        4                 DCM04
  100A                        8                 DCM08
  100A                       12                DCM12
  100A                       16                DCM16
  100A                       22                DCM22
  100A                       26                DCM26
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Type 'A' Single Module RCBOs
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Technical Specifications
Manufactured from 0.9mm CR4 mild steel with a high quality finish in magnolia Semi-Gloss Powder Coat (RAL 9001).
Suitable for indoor use with a minimum degree of protection IP2XC.
Enclosure sizes 6 to 24 modules in a single row. Also a double row enclosure for 28 modules.
assembled in the UK using high quality enclosures
manufactured in the EU.
Garage, PV and EV Sub distribution units conforming to BS EN 61439-3

Garage units are supplied in metal enclosures offering
IP2X metal protection. They are recommended for use in
Garages,Utility Rooms, House Extensions and Outbuildings.
  High quality 4 module                   Pre-wired and tested
  IP2XC Metal enclosure
  Supplied complete with:                   Fitted with Earth & Neutral terminals
          1 x 40Amp 30mA RCCB            Versatile cable entries
          1 x   6Amp MCB                         Hinged cover 
          1 x 16Amp MCB
Garage/Utility Units (Type A RCCB)
   Incoming                   Outgoing MCB Ratings         
   RCCB Rating                   1                     2                Reference       
    40A 30mA              16A            6A        DGU1.MP2X

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Sub distribution units specially for
PV & EV installations requiring RCCB protection.

Units requiring:
2 pole Type AKV RCCBs are supplied in 4 module enclosures.
Units requiring:
2 pole Type B RCCBs are supplied in 8 module enclosures.

For price and availability please provide a detailed specification e.g.
  SUPPLY: single phase 230V 50Hz
  RCCB:                                                    MCB:
       Type: AKV or Type B                        Type: B or C curve
       Rating: 16, 25 or 40Amp                       Rating: 4A < 32A single pole
       Sensitivity: 30, 100, 300 or 500mA
RCCB selection for EV and PV applications.

Before purchasing verify the minimum sensitivity
and type of RCCB required with the Manufacturer
of the EV charger or PV inverter equipment.

Email your specification for a quotation.

Blanking & Locking Devices
Locking Facility
   Description                                                            Reference
  for 2 & 4 pole RCCBs                                WES
  for DLS6 MCBs                                        DEASS
        To avoid reconnection during maintenance or repair work.
     Avoids the possibility of accidental connection to mains voltage.

   Type                                   Quantity                     Reference
  Module Blanking       6 Module          BLANKSW
  Phase Position          Strip of 5            EV-S-BS