designed to meet BSEN60439-3
These easy to install consumer units accept the complete range of Doepke RCDs, which have been manufactured to BSEN61008, and both the Doepke 6KA and 1OKA BSEN60898 MCB ranges.

The units are built using a DIN rail mounting.  The busbar supplied has the maximum number
of ways for each size of enclosure.  In some applications a few ways will be redundant.
When installimg the Split Load units the busbar must be cut and trimmed as appropriate
to suit the position of the split required. 
Isolator as main switch
   Rating                      Total Ways          Reference    
  100A                        2               *DC2ND
  100A                        4                  DC4
  100A                        8                  DC8
  100A                       12                 DC12
  100A                       16                 DC16
           *ND = No Door
Split Load
   Rating            RCD Rating        Total Ways         Reference    
  100A             63A 30mA           6              DC 6SL/63
  100A             63A 30mA          10             DC 10SL/63
  100A             63A 30mA          14             DC 14SL/63   
  100A             80A 30mA          10             DC 10SL/80    
  100A             80A 30mA          14             DC 14SL/80    
  100A           100A 30mA          10             DC 10SL/100
  100A           100A 30mA          14             DC 14SL/100
RCD as main switch
   Rating                      Total Ways          Reference    
    63A 30mA              2          *DCR2/63ND
    63A 30mA              4             DCR  4/63
    63A 30mA              8             DCR  8/63  
    80A 30mA              4             DCR  4/80
    80A 30mA              8             DCR  8/80
    80A 30mA             12            DCR12/80
    80A 30mA             16            DCR16/80
  100A 30mA              8             DCR  8/100
  100A 30mA             12            DCR12/100
  100A 30mA             16            DCR16/100
  125A 30mA             12            DCR12/125
  125A 30mA             16            DCR16/125

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Enclosure Specifications

Split Load - Dual RCD *
   Isolator         RCD 1       RCD 2           
    Rating          Rating       Rating             Total Ways         Reference    
    100A         63A        63A                 8           DC 08SL/63/63
    100A         63A        63A                12          DC 12SL/63/63
    100A         80A        63A                12          DC 12SL/80/63
* Other RCD combinations available, please ask
Split Load Time Delayed
  + Incoming                          
   RCD Rating             RCD Rating        Total Ways         Reference    
  100A 300mA       63A 30mA          10           DCTD 10SL/63
  100A 300mA       63A 30mA          14           DCTD 14SL/63
  100A 300mA       80A 30mA          14           DCTD 14SL/80
  125A 300mA     100A 30mA          14           DCTD 14SL/100  
  +Time Delay 
Twin Tariff
   Isolator 1             Isolator 2                 
    Rating                  Rating                     Total Ways         Reference    
    100A                 100A                    6            DCTT  6SL
    100A                 100A                   10           DCTT 10SL
    100A                 100A                   14           DCTT 14SL