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Manufacturer of
Active Electronic Earth Leakage Sensors
and Multi-function Meters.
The electronic Earth Leakage Sensor has the advantage of offering
variable/selectable tripping currents and tripping times, It is a sensor
only and needs to be connected to a tripping/switching device, when
connected to the correct CT it can be used from small to very high
current applications, ideal for multi-protected outgoing ways or stand
alone circuit protection, the range includes different enclosure types,
from panel mounted to Din-rail mounted, with and without internal CT’s.
Multi-function Meters, give the end user the opportunity to  monitor an installation, selecting  one of the many electrical parameters
at a time, and giving read-outs of their values,  there are several different types and styles within the range, offering various
mounting positions and specific read-outs.
                                EARTH LEAKAGE PROTECTION  (To read the full specification click on the relevant file.)
                              ELR-7ELR-7 Earth Leakage Relay - a protection device with ample scope for setting both current and time delay. It has
                                     been built into a flush mounting DIN enclosure, 48x48mm with a reduced depth of 72mm, including wiring terminals.
ELRC-1ELRC-1 Earth Leakage Relay - manufactured with built-in Toroidal
       Transformers. They are specially conceived for applications in
       which space saving is an advantage.
ELR-3CELR-3C Earth Leakage Relay - maintains all the basic
        characteristics but is built to the dimensions of three DIN rail
        mounting modules. (module base 17.5mm)
ELR-3E1ELR-3E1 Earth Leakage Relay - also featuring the three module
        DIN rail mounting. It has wide setting ranges and accurate tripping
        current selection by means of dipswitches.
ELRC-BELRC-B Earth Leakage Relay - manufactured in a compact design of six DIN rail mounting modules
incorporating a built-in 28mm Toroidal Transformer and maintaining all the wide tripping current and time 
setting ranges typical of the ELR family of protection devices.
Toroidal TransformersToroidal Transformers - for use in conjunction with the ELRs are made of an optimum
quality magnetic core, which allows the detection of very low value leakage currents.
Digital MultimetersDigital Multimeters - A range of new generation digital instruments for measuring electrical parameters.
                                                The right solution for any electrical or electronic application.
To read the full specification click on the relevant file.