The Doepke Consumer Unit Enclosures
Our range of metal enclosures is manufactured from 1mm CR4 cold reduced mild steel, phosphate pre-treated and powder coated to RAL 9001. The hinged metal flap has a magnetic fastener. Cable knockouts are provided at 25mm and 20 mm top and bottom with large rear knockouts. Neutral and earth terminals are fitted along with din rail which accepts any of our modular devices.
Metal Enclosures
      Dimensions (mm)                      Modules                Reference
  H204 x W165 x D105             6                    DME06
  H204 x W254 x D105            10                   DME10
  H204 x W307 x D105            14                   DME14
  H204 x W396 x D105            18                   DME18
  H204 x W510 x D105            24                   DME24
  H400 x W307 x D105            28*                  DME28
                                * 2 Rows of 14 each  

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The Range of Modular Enclosures
gives a choice of protection from IP20 (metal) through IP30 (plastic without lid) to IP55 (polycarbonate with transparent tinted lid) The metal enclosures are manufactured from 1mm CR4 cold reduced mild steel, phosphate pre-treated and powder coated to RAL 7035.

These IP30 Enclosures
will provide terminal protection for any of our modular din rail devices. The 4 module enclosures are complete with neutral and earth terminals.
Insulated Modular Enclosures IP30
      Dimensions                              Modules                   Reference    
  H135 x W50 x D75               2                     DIME2
  H160 x W90 x D75               4                     DIME4  

The IP55 Enclosures
provide protection for exterior applications. All sizes are complete with din rail to accept our modular devices as well as both neutral and earth brass terminals. 24 & 36 way enclosures are configured in 2 rows of 12 & 18 respectively. 54 way enclosures are 3 rows of 18.

24 way IP55

8 way IP55
Insulated Modular Enclosures IP55
      Dimensions                               Modules                  Reference    
  H194 x W123 x D105            4                    DIMEF4
  H194 x W194 x D105            8                    DIMEF8
  H259 x W274 x D138           12                   DIMEF12
  H259 x W372 x D138           18                   DIMEF18
  H384 x W274 x D138           24                 DIMEF2/24
  H409 x W372 x D138           36                 DIMEF2/36
  H560 x W372 x D138           54                 DIMEF3/54

These Metal Enclosures
will provide a high degree of protection for MCBs, RCCBs and RCBOs. Manufactured to the same standard as our metal consumer unit range, all these units are supplied with din rail and an earth terminal. The 6 & 10 module enclosures have both neutral & earth terminals
Metal Modular Enclosures IP20
      Enclosure Size                           Modules                   Reference    
    H268 x W115 x D60              4                    DMMEX4
    H260 x W146 x D80              6                    DMMEX6
    H260 x W218 x D80             10                   DMMEX10