MCBs Type 'C' 10kA
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    DLS6 Type C 10kA range
is used to provide protection and control of circuits against overload and short circuit in commercial and industrial electrical distribution systems. This is the most popular type for use in our TPN boards.
    High Current Rating MCBs Type 'C' 
These are specialist stand alone devices. They do not fit into standard consumer units or pan assemblies. There are 3 & 4 pole units built to a 27mm module size with ratings of 80, 100 & 125 Amps.
A Shunt Trip to suit these devices is also available
They have a clearly marked switch position
    indicator showing ‘OFF’ or ‘ON’ at the
appropriate setting.  A large window with a
flip-down opening enables clear permanently
       protected labelling of the device.
The box terminals have a capacity of 25mm².
This range has a switch position indicator
colour coded green for ‘OFF’ and red for ‘ON’.
If the MCB trips due to short circuit or overload,
the green indicator will show. To reset the MCB,
it must first be switched to the ‘OFF’ position.   
    Type 'C' 10kA
                          Breaking         Single Pole       Double Pole     Triple Pole
    Rating          Capacity          Reference          Reference        Reference
     0.5A         10kA           IC0.5/1          IC0.5/2         IC0.5/3
       1A          10kA           IC1/1             IC1/2            IC1/3
       2A          10kA           IC2/1             IC2/2            IC2/3
       4A          10kA           IC4/1             IC4/2            IC4/3
       6A          10kA           IC6/1             IC6/2            IC6/3
      10A         10kA           IC10/1           IC10/2          IC10/3
      16A         10kA           IC16/1           IC16/2          IC16/3
      20A         10kA           IC20/1           IC20/2          IC20/3
      25A         10kA           IC25/1           IC25/2          IC25/3
      32A         10kA           IC32/1           IC32/2          IC32/3
      40A         10kA           IC40/1           IC40/2          IC40/3
      50A         10kA           IC50/1           IC50/2          IC50/3
      63A         10kA           IC63/1           IC63/2          IC63/3
    High Rating Type 'C' 10kA
                           Breaking                      Triple Pole                     Four Pole
     Rating          Capacity                       Reference                     Reference
      80A          10kA                  C10.80/3               C10.80/4
     100A         10kA                  C10.100/3             C10.100/4
     125A         10kA                  C10.125/3             C10.125/4