The Range of Modular Devices
includes Isolators, Time Switches, Contactors & Bell Transformers.
All these devices are housed in enclosures which are multiples of
the standard 17.5mm wide module and can be fixed easily to the
standard DIN rail.  Isolators are available in 2, 3 & 4 modules,
timers are either electro-mechanical or electronic and contactors
range from 20 to 63A ratings with various contact configurations. 

Isolator Switches
The range of two, three & four pole isolator switches are of modular design and fit DIN 50022 rail. Terminal capacity is 25mm².
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Isolator Switches
      Rating              Poles           Modules                  Reference    
    100A               2                2                  ISOL2/100
    125A               2                2                  ISOL2/125
    100A               3                3                  ISOL3/100
    100A               4                4                  ISOL4/100
    125A               4                4                  ISOL4/125

Time Switches
The UNO electro-mechanical time switches control electrical appliances according to a 24-hour or 7-day programme. Programming is so simple it can be carried out by the layman. These switches can be mounted in a distribution box equipped with 35mm DIN-rails.
Time Switches (electro-mechanical)
                              Max. Load               Power
    Switching     Resistive    Inductive    Reserve    Modules     Reference    
  24 hour        16A       4A         No        1     TS UNO-D
  24 hour        16A       4A        Yes       1     TS UNO-QRD
   7 day           16A       4A        Yes       1     TS UNO-QRS

The DATA MICRO electronic time switch has adjustable on/off pulses
between 1 to 59s long.  Time and date as well as Summer/Winter
change-over times are preset at the factory.  
There are 32 or 64 storage locations depending on the model.
It can be mounted in a distribution box equipped with 35mm DIN-rails.

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Time Switches (electronic)
                                  Max. Load           Storage
    Switching       Resistive    Inductive    Locs.    Modules     Reference    
 24h & 7 day    16A       10A       32        2     TS DMICRO+
 24h & 7 day    16A       10A       64        2     TS DMICRO2+

or see the video created by Cory Carver-Grenside of Graphite Ltd showing how to proceed.
Also created by Cory Carver-Grenside a clip showing how to set the timer into manual override.

Twilight Switch
Cleanly designed surface mounting white plastic enclosure rated IP54 for wall fixing in or outside. Easily adjustable sensitivity between 5 and 200 lux
Dimensions: H 95mm W 70mm D 51.5mm
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Wall Mounting Twilight Switch
      Amps             Switching Capacity                Reference    
      16                  3700W                     DASY16    
               (This is not a modular device)
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            Installation Contactors
are electromagnetic actuated switches. When a control current is applied across the trip coil, the resulting magnetic attraction closes a main circuit. The energised status is maintained for as long as the control current flows.
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They are suitable for use in domestic, commercial
and industrial applications and can be used to switch
lighting, heating and motors.
Available in 20, 25,40 & 63 Amp ratings, they have extremely
low noise coils and are suitable for continuous operation.
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 Voltage    Rating     Modules            Contacts                       Reference    
  230        20A         1        2 x normally open        HS20-20
  230        20A         1        1  n/open, 1 n/closed    HS20-11
  230        20A         1        2 x normally closed      HS20-02
  230        25A         2        4 x normally open        HS25-40
  230        40A         2        2 x normally open        HS40-20s
  230        40A         3        4 x normally open        HS40-40
  230        40A         3        4 x normally closed      HS40-04
  230        40A         3        3  n/open, 1 n/closed    HS40-31
  230        63A         3        4 x normally open        HS63-40
  230        63A         3        3  n/open, 1 n/closed    HS63-31

Bell Transformers
DIN-rail mounting bell transformers with 4,8,12 or 24 volt outputs.
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Bell Transformers
      Voltage             Amps             Modules                Reference    
      8V                  1                 2                  RK81
    4/8/12V         2/2/1.5           2                  RK12
   8/12/24V       2/1.3/0.6         2                  RK24