Type 'A' Residual Current Circuit Breakers with overload
Our RCBOs have been designed to combine earth leakage and overload protection in one compact unit. All have a sensitivity setting of 30mA and are available in various current ratings.
These protection devices are suitable for domestic, commercial and industrial applications.
These Type 'A' RCBOs respond to
both AC and pulsating DC residual currents
They are manufactured to comply with BSEN61009.
The Type 'AC' RCBOs respond to AC residual currents only.
The single module RCBO is an electronic unit rated at 10kA designed specifically for fitting into consumer units (plastic and metal)
and distribution boards to give earth leakage protection to an individual circuit.
The two and four module RCBO’s have flag indicators to show the position of the contacts, they also have terminals capable of accepting 25mm² cable.
The two module RCBOs also have an additional flag which changes from white to blue to indicate residual current trip.

All 2 pole RCBOs are 2 modules wide.  Most 4 pole RCBOs are 4 modules wide. 
*Please note: The 40A 4 pole device is 5 modules wide!!
 RCBOs Single Module   Type 'A'      10kA Rated
	                                       Reference                 Reference
   Amps     Sensitivity               'B' curve                    'C' curve
    6       30mA       MIB06-1/0.03-A     MIC06-1/0.03-A
   10      30mA       MIB10-1/0.03-A     MIC10-1/0.03-A
   16      30mA       MIB16-1/0.03-A     MIC16-1/0.03-A
   20      30mA       MIB20-1/0.03-A     MIC20-1/0.03-A
   32      30mA       MIB32-1/0.03-A     MIC32-1/0.03-A
   40      30mA       MIB40-1/0.03-A     MIC40-1/0.03-A
   45      30mA       MIB45-1/0.03-A     MIC45-1/0.03-A   
 RCBOs Two Pole     Type 'A'                  10kA Rated
       2 Modules Wide             Reference                     Reference
   Amps    Sensitivity              'B' curve                         'C' curve
     6       30mA       FIB06/0.03/1N-A     FIC06/0.03/1N-A
    10      30mA       FIB10/0.03/1N-A     FIC10/0.03/1N-A
    16      30mA       FIB16/0.03/1N-A     FIC16/0.03/1N-A
    20      30mA       FIB20/0.03/1N-A     FIC20/0.03/1N-A
    25      30mA       FIB25/0.03/1N-A     FIC25/0.03/1N-A
    32      30mA       FIB32/0.03/1N-A     FIC32/0.03/1N-A
    40      30mA       FIB40/0.03/1N-A     FIC40/0.03/1N-A
 RCBOs 4 Pole  Type 'A'     6kA Rated
       4 Modules Wide                  Reference
   Amps     Sensitivity                 'C' curve
     6        30mA            FIC06-4/0.03-A
    10       30mA            FIC10-4/0.03-A
    16       30mA            FIC16-4/0.03-A
    20       30mA            FIC20-4/0.03-A
    25       30mA            FIC25-4/0.03-A
    32       30mA            FIC32-4/0.03-A 
*40 30mA FIC40-4/0.03-A
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