RCCBs Type 'A EV'
Type A EV RCCBs are designed specifically for individual EV chargers, where the model and make of the vehicle being charged is unknown. The EV RCCB will trip if the smooth dc residual current exceeds 6mA. Type A EV RCCBs in addition to providing normal residual current protection, also protect upstream RCCBs (Type A) from the effects of smooth dc residual currents >6mA. Type A RCCBs cannot detect smooth dc and must not be subjected to levels above 6mA - see Wiring Regulation 722.531.2.101. For further info please refer to our Technical Publication 06 View Technical Data for all RCCBs

Download The Brochure for 'A EV' Type RCCBs
'A EV' Type - 2 Pole (230V) & 4 Pole (400V)
   Modules       Poles       Amps          Sensitivity              Reference    
      4              2          25            30mA         DFS4 025-2/0.03-A EV
      4              2          40            30mA         DFS4 040-2/0.03-A EV
      4              4          40            30mA         DFS4 040-4/0.03-A EV
      4              4          63            30mA         DFS4 063-4/0.03-A EV
Single charge point with A EV RCCB - see Fig 1:  
The upstream RCCB can be Type A or Type A KV 
depending on the inrush current of the vehicle charger. 

Multiple charge points - see Fig 2:   
The smooth dc current flowing through the up stream RCCB
is equal to the sum of all the chargers connected
down stream. Type B RCCB required upstream.