Power Switching Accessories

Accessories for: HS, DHS and RH

  • Auxiliary switch for HS.
  • Locking devices for DHS & RH.
  • Terminal covers for DHS & RH.

Switchgear wiring accessories Technical data

Ordering reference: see below

HSH- - Auxiliary switch for HS contactor
Mounts on the right hand side  - 1 block per contactor
AC 15 Rating:  3A / 230V    2A / 400V
   Modules		        Description	          	Reference
     0.5		        1 N/O + 1 N/C	         HSH11

HSH11 attached to HS40-20S

WES - Locking device for DHS & RH main switch


Padlock not supplied Shackle < 3.5mm dia.

Terminal covers for DHS & RH main switch
For shrouding incoming terminals
   Modules		        Description	          	Reference
       2	              2 pole DHS	     	KA-DFS2	
       4		      4 pole DHS	       	KA-DFS4	
       1		      1 per pole RH 	       	RH-KA