Control Doorbell Transformers

Doorbell Transformers:

  • Doorbell Transformers provide a low voltage AC supply, typically 8 - 24 V to safely operate door chimes, bells, call buzzers etc.
  • In built PTC overload protection.
  • Short time rating, not designed for permanent loads.
  • For domestic installations the enclosure has to comply with the requirements of Reg. 421.1.201

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Product Standard: EN61558-1

Doorbell Transformers / 230V 50Hz supply
Rating: Refer to the technical data link above
              Voltage tappings & current	                        Reference

    4V - 2A,  8V - 2A,  12V - 1.5A		    	RK12

8V - 2A, 12V - 1.3A, 24V - 0.6A RK24
8V - 1A RK81
4V - 3A, 8V - 2A, 12V - 2A RK3U