Control Twilight Switch

Twilight Switch:

  • Automatically switches the supply on and off based on ambient light conditions.
  • Adjustable switch-on threshold for Dusk. Switch-off threshold fixed at 1.5 x switch-on light level.
  • Timer version allows additional energy saving e.g. lights on at dusk off at midnight, back on at 4 AM until light level reaches the switch-off threshold.
  • Suitable for outside installation.
  • Standard casing White, also available in Anthracite.

Technical data Download this page - pdf

Ordering reference: see below:

Product Standard: EN60669-1

Dasy Twilight switch - 1 NO contact / 230V
Rating: 16A Resistive load / 400VA -230VAC LED load
  Colour          Adjustable	        Lux Level	                      Reference

     W	        No		      1 - 200	   DASY-016-2-230V-WE

A No 1 - 200 DASY-016-2-230V-AN
W No 10 - 1000 DASY-016-2.1-230V-WE
W YES 1 - 200 DASY-016-2-230V-TC-WE
A YES 1 - 200 DASY-016-2-230V-TC-AN

Operating Instructions - Standard Dasy

Operating Instructions - Dasy-TC with Timer