Residual Current Monitors with LED display

Residual Current Monitors RCMs are used to monitor electrical installations. They provide pre-warning of developing faults when the pre-set value of residual current is reached.

  • RCMs are for use in installations under the permanent supervision of an "electrically instructed person".
  • RCMs do not provide protection i.e. they cannot be used in place of an RCD or MRCD: See Reg. 411.

Note: Must be used with Doepke residual current monitoring C/Ts, please see details below.

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Ordering reference: see below:

Product Standard: EN62020
Approvals: VDE

RCM Residual current monitoring relay - Type A
Control supply 85v - 264v 50/60Hz
Monitoring : Voltage < 690V 50/60Hz
      Modules 	        Contacts	          	Setting	               Reference
                               	  C/O		         range
         4              	2	  	 0.03A < 3A	      DRCM 1 A

Operating Instructions

DCT A - Residual current transformer Type A
    Transformer 	      Insulated cable	         Rated	         Reference 
     ID  in mm	        	maximum OD		 Voltage	
         20		             13		    690V	        DCT A-020
         35		             23		    690V	        DCT A-035
         70		             46		    690V	        DCT A-070
        105		             70		    690V	        DCT A-105

Operating Instructions