A short history of Doepke

Doepke has a long and proud history of designing, manufacturing and supplying residual current devices and current protection circuit breakers.

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  • Franz Doepke and August-Wilhelm Engels found Doepke in Norden (East Frisia). Designing, manufacturing and selling residual current protection circuit-breakers.

  • Doepke moves to a new purpose built facility with manufacturing, sales and administration on the same site, located in the Norden commercial district.

  • Doepke opens a new manufacturing plant in Bickenriede (formally East Germany), Just four years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. This facility helped provide local manufacturing jobs in the area.

  • Doepke Norden Sales Marketing & Training move to a new building across the road. Making room for additional manufacturing plant in the factory. Meeting the increasing demand for Doepke Service and Products.

  • A new production building is added on land adjacent to the existing manufacturing facility, located in the Norden commercial district. Providing additional facilities to demands for specialised production runs.