Distribution Garage Units

18th Edition Garage units:

Garage, PV and EV sub distribution units conform to BS EN 61439-3 using Doepke 40 Amp RCCB with maximum 100A BS 88 fuse link: Icc < 10kA

For installations with Icc < 16kA refer to the Consumer Unit selection Tab at the top of this page.

Note : Any electrical equipment installed in garages, utility rooms, sheds or buildings directly attached to or in close proximity to a domestic (household) premises must be contained in a metal enclosure.

Consumer units accessories Technical data Download this page - pdf

Garage Unit - Type A RCCB
Refer to Technical Data for additional information
     Incoming                     Outgoing MCBs 
       RCCB                        1                  2                       Reference
   40A 30mA           16A           6A              DGU1.MP2X

Product Standard: BSEN61439-3

  • High quality 4 module IP2X metal enclosure
  • 0A 30mA Type A RCCB supplied as standard
  • For other cofigurations including Type F or B RCCBs
    please contact us

Special Applications:

On request, we can assemble custom units for applications requiring the use of different types of RCCB e.g. F, AKV, AEV, FEV, BSK or BNK.

Supplied in Metal (IP2X) or Insulated enclosures* (IP55):

For price and availability, please email your specification to sales@doepke.co.uk.

*Note: Insulated enclosures where appropriate, may be used in installations not covered by Regulation 421.1.201

Custom unit including A-KV RCCB