Accessories for DFS2/4


  • DHi11 Auxiliary Switch
  • DFA Remote Actuators
  • KA Terminal Shroud

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DHi11 Auxiliary Switch
 1 N/C + 1 C/O contacts  
Selection of signalling function using a screwdriver:
Position 1: On or Off        Position 2: Tripped
DFA Remote Actuators
 Remote actuators or automatic reclosing devices (ARDs)
 can only be installed in the associated part of the
 installation where access is restricted  to "instructed"
 or "electrically" skilled persons - see Regulation 531.1.1.
 Before installing a remote actuator on an RCCB,
 complete a risk assement to determine if the remote
 tripping or re-closing of the RCCB could create a hazard
 - see Electrcitity at Work Regulations
 -1989 for example Regulation 4(65)
For selection of specific devices please click Automatic reclosing devices.
KA Terminal Shroud
Optional Terminal shroud
For 2 pole device use 4 shrouds
For 4 pole device use 8 shrouds