Residual Current Monitors with 4-20mA Output

Residual Current Monitors with 4 -20 mA output replicating the system residual current < 300 mA. The alarm output contact operates at a fixed value of 300 mA.

  • RCMs provide residual current monitoring, they do not provide residual current protection.
  • The DCTR B NK is designed for use in installations under the permanent supervision of an "instructed person". This person is responsible for initiating the appropriate action, in the event of the 300 mA fixed threshold being exceeded.

Technical data

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Product Standard: EN62020
Approvals: VDE

RCM Residual current monitor - Type B
Control supply 24v DC
   Monitoring: Voltage < 690V   0 < 400 Hz
       Internal 	           Contact	          Fixed	            Reference 
    Diam.  in mm	    C/O		  Range	
         20		       1	        0.3A	       DCTR B NK 020/0.30-I
         35		       1	        0.3A	       DCTR B NK 035/0.30-I
         70		       1	        0.3A	       DCTR B NK 070/0.30-I

Operating Instructions